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Pet Fit Animal Rehabilitation


Welcome to Pet Fit

Pet Fit is an Animal Rehabilitation Practice specializing in the musculoskeletal care of pets.

Pets with sudden injuries or long-term degenerative conditions that affect joints, bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments and nerves, can benefit from Physical Rehabilitation.

What is Animal Rehabilitation?

Animal Physical Rehabilitation adapts different manual techniques and modalities used by Physical therapists in human patients and applies the same techniques to animals. It can promote a more rapidly recovery from neurological or orthopedic disorders and surgery, helping to avoid complications associated with prolonged rest.

What are the Benefits of Rehabilitation?

  • Reduce pain
  • Promote healing
  • Restore and maintain movement
  • Build muscle mass
  • Increase cardiovascular fitness
  • Combat obesity
  • Improve physical condition in sporting and working dogs
  • Assist with selection of carts and braces

Taking your pet's care to the next level!

Geriatric Rehabilitation

Orthopedic Rehabilitation

Neurologic Rehabilitation

Sports Medicine and Fitness

Weight Loss Program


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Sports Medicine and Fitness

Ever wish you could bring your dog to the gym? Perhaps it’s the middle of the winter or summer and the weather keeps you from staying outdoors, or maybe you are coming home each night after a long day at work, to be met at the door by a bouncing, restless dog whose been waiting all day to have a walk. It may also be that you’re looking for a way to keep your sporting dog fit for competition.

We are here to help!

Sports Medicine not only focuses on the treatment of injuries but also in preventing injuries by preparing the body for the stress of competition or strenuous work.

Our Fitness program is designed for uninjured, active, sporting and competition dogs, or pets who are not receiving enough exercise.

Following the evaluation, we will show the correct way to prepare your dog for competition by designing an exclusive home exercise plan, depending on the type of sports your dog is involved on.

Dogs that can benefit from our fitness program include:

  • active family pets
  • sporting dogs
  • working dogs
  • conformation show dogs


Here is how it works:

The first step is scheduling and appointment with our certified rehabilitation veterinarian. During this time, we will perform an evaluation to determine your pet’s health and fitness level. We then discuss lifestyle and weekly activity, fitness need or concerns, and define goals.

The next step is to design a fitness program according to your dog’s needs and fitness level. This includes both the pool and exercise equipment you may need to do the exercises.

Our last step involves us teaching you to use the pool and exercise equipment. These sessions can be a fun bonding experience for you and your dog.

Your dog is ready now to begin his exercise program!

You can pay for sessions as you go or buy our discounted program package. Sessions may be scheduled anytime during our regular business hours, and while we recommend once or twice a week workout, you may come as many times as you want (provided your dog has a day off between each session for rest).

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