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Pet Fit Animal Rehabilitation


Welcome to Pet Fit

Pet Fit is an Animal Rehabilitation Practice specializing in the musculoskeletal care of pets.

Pets with sudden injuries or long-term degenerative conditions that affect joints, bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments and nerves, can benefit from Physical Rehabilitation.

What is Animal Rehabilitation?

Animal Physical Rehabilitation adapts different manual techniques and modalities used by Physical therapists in human patients and applies the same techniques to animals. It can promote a more rapidly recovery from neurological or orthopedic disorders and surgery, helping to avoid complications associated with prolonged rest.

What are the Benefits of Rehabilitation?

  • Reduce pain
  • Promote healing
  • Restore and maintain movement
  • Build muscle mass
  • Increase cardiovascular fitness
  • Combat obesity
  • Improve physical condition in sporting and working dogs
  • Assist with selection of carts and braces

Taking your pet's care to the next level!

Geriatric Rehabilitation

Orthopedic Rehabilitation

Neurologic Rehabilitation

Sports Medicine and Fitness

Weight Loss Program


Animal physical rehabilitation improves your pet’s quality of life. Physical rehabilitation treats animals with dysfunction, injury, pain or physical disabilities, helps geriatric animals improve strength and motion, and prevents injuries on animals that do sports or hard work.

Treatment techniques include modalities (ice, heat, electrical stimulation), joint mobilizations, soft tissues mobilization and massage, therapeutic exercises, aquatic therapy, acupressure and trigger point therapy.

At Pet Fit, we work with geriatric patients to improve their daily function and reduce pain,  we treat post-surgeries to speed up their recovery, and develop exercise programs for pets that do sports to improve their performance. We also offer a weight loss program with a combination of exercising and diet, and a fitness program for dogs that are not injured and just need physical conditioning.

If your dog is geriatric, recovering from surgery, doing sports, needs to loose weight, or needs an exercise program, rehabilitation can provide a benefit to your pet.

The first step is a consultation exam with one of our rehab veterinarians, taking about an hour. The doctor begins by doing a series of physical, neurological, range of motion tests and muscle mass measurements. We discuss lifestyle, mobility issues, nutrition, supplements, pain control, and your goals for your pet. From there, we develop a rehabilitation program custom-made to tailor to the specific needs of you and your pet, which you can also do at home. If specific therapies are recommended by the rehab specialist, we provide you of an estimate of costs so you can plan accordingly. Our staff will be here at every step of your pet’s rehabilitation process and leave none of the owner’s questions unanswered.

You can call us at 901-405-5385 or 901-440-8053 or email us at to schedule an appointment. The initial evaluation takes about 60-90 minutes. We recommend that you bring a copy of any imaging your family veterinarian has done (X-Rays, Radiographs, etc.) and a copy of your pet’s medical history, including any medication prescribed.

Before the initial evaluation, you can make notes your pet’s physical limitations (Can he go upstairs?, Can he jump in the car?, Is he having problems standing up or sitting down?). Also, make notes of your pet’s diet and the treats you give them daily. Once we do the initial examination, we can set goals and determine if the treatment can be done at home or if your pet needs to come to the clinic for treatments.

That will depend entirely on the injury and condition of your pet. Physical rehabilitation is a combination of in-clinic work and at-home exercises, your pet’s improvement will also depend on how much you can do at home. In most cases  you can start seeing improvement after 3-4 sessions in-clinic. Your pet’s age is also a factor, as younger animals recover quicker compared to older, arthritic dogs.

Most conditions benefit from physical rehabilitation. Realistically, there are many conditions that rehabilitation can’t cure, like arthritis, cancer or progressive neurological diseases. However, rehabilitation helps your pet live longer and lead a happier, more active life.

Absolutely! We offer packages for healthy dogs to come in and get regular exercise. This is especially popular when the weather makes it difficult to exercise outdoors.

Cost varies depending on the type of injury your pet has. Initial evaluation is $120.00, it is a complete musculoskeletal and neurologic evaluation and includes a home exercise plan designed specifically for your dog. Once we make a set of goals for your pet, we can determine how often they need to come to the clinic and which kind of treatments we need to apply.

We’re here to improve your pet’s quality of life by not letting any pet go home without treatment. We consider their needs and the owner’s financial situation when creating a treatment plan.

Both mainly depend on the duration of the therapy and the type of injury. An evaluation takes around 60-90 minutes. After the evaluation we determine how often we need to see your pet to get the best results. Usually, our treatments last around 45 minutes.

You can schedule an appointment through your veterinarian, or contact us directly. Once we schedule the appointment we contact your family veterinarian to obtain your pet’s medical history and any relevant medical imaging. We keep your family veterinarian informed and send them updates as the treatments progress.

Prevention of injury is important, especially when recovering from an injury (A broken leg for example, the healthy leg takes an increased amount of strain and is at a higher risk of injury). Rehabilitation is important for strengthening and increasing flexibility.

Just like us, dogs can favor one side over the other; they may always turn the same way and depend on the stronger side. This causes muscle weakening and lack of flexibility on the other side. Correcting these imbalances is helpful in any individual, but it is critical in athletes.

Yes, we treat cats. As we do with dogs, cats that are too shy are encouraged home treatments instead of in-clinic treatments.

Of course you can! You can drop off your pet and pick them up a few hours later. The early drop off time is 7 am and you can pick your pet up anytime before 6 pm. Please let the staff know if you want to drop your pet off so we can make plans accordingly.

Of course! Owners are always welcome to stay and watch their pet’s rehabilitation sessions.

We can help. If your dog is not a surgical candidate, we have several options for building and maintaining strength, stabilization, mobility, managing pain, and getting your dog back to the best possible quality of life. We also offer custom-designed braces that provides support during exercise and treatment.

Please bring any diagnostic tests that your veterinarian has performed. These may  include radiographs, surgical reports, ultrasound or MRI reports.

Absolutely! Working with your pet at home is an important part of the rehabilitation process. As part of our initial evaluation, we will send you exercises according to your pet’s needs.

Each pet is different and recovery time depends on the extent of the injury or loss of function your pet has.

For post-surgeries, the rehabilitation plan parallels the healing process of the surgery, most cases are around 8-10 weeks.

Neurologic patients take longer since we need to re-educate the nerves and muscles to function again.

Geriatric patients take a lifetime, the goal in these cases is to guide you through exercises and techniques that improve your pet’s quality of life. Once we improve on your pet’s function and pain management at the clinic, we design an exercise program that maintains your pet’s health for you to do at home. We support you and your pet for as long as you need us.

At this time, our clinic accepts cash, personal checks, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover, as well as debit and CareCredit. Learn more about the benefits of CareCredit here.

All payments are due at the time services are rendered.

CareCredit offers a six-month deferred interest payment plans to pet owners. We will also gladly provide you with copies of your pet’s medical records for submission to your insurance company. The American Association of Rehabilitation Veterinarians offers a list of insurance plans that will pay rehabilitation services.

We are located at 1000 Reddoch Cove, Memphis TN 38119.

Our hours of operation are:

Mondays       7AM – 6PM

Tuesdays       7AM – 6PM

Wednesdays   7AM – 12PM

Thursdays: 7AM – 6PM

Fridays: 7AM – 6PM

Saturdays: Closed

Sundays: Closed

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